Ione Junior High: School-Wide Expectations

Ione Junior High: School-Wide Expectations for 2021/2022- PDF
New Student Orientation Presentation

School-Wide Pass System

At Ione Junior High School, safety and learning are our top priorities. Therefore, a clear school-wide hall pass system is essential to knowing where students are and should be during the school day. We encourage you to speak with your students about the importance of being in class, using breaks and lunch to take care of their personal needs, and following our policies to ensure their safety.

Ione Junior High School-Wide Pass Policy

Cell Phone Policy

The staff at Ione Junior High understand that cell phones are a continually integrated part of our students’ lives. While we value open and continuous communication, cell phones have the potential to significantly distract students from the social and academic learning that takes place at school. As such, cell student cell phone use is not permitted during the school day. Please see our policy for more details.

Ione Junior High Cell Phone Policy

Tardy Policy

Ione Junior High School believes class attendance is critical to getting the most out of our instructional program and to ensuring student learning. We strongly believe in upholding clear and simple tardy policies for all of our students so they are maximizing their learning experience by being in their classroom seats when the bell rings. Please review the Tardy Policy and speak with your student about the importance of being in class on time.

IJHS Tardy Policy

Dress and Grooming Policies

ACUSD Dress Code
Ione Junior High Dress Code Memo

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