Athletic Director: Daryl Lee
(209) 257-5565

Ione Jr. High Athletics – Q & A



Question:  What programs are offered at  Ione Junior High?
Answer:  There are three Competitive Team programs offered in Jr High Athletics.

  • Boys Basketball
  • Girls Basketball
  • Girls Volleyball


Question: Are there tryouts for Junior High Athletics?
Answer: Yes. There are tryouts for the competitive teams in Junior High Athletics. Information regarding team size and the number of teams are determined during the first week of tryouts.

Question: When are tryouts held?
Answer:  Tryouts for each sport will be held the first week of the quarter in which the season is held.



Question: What forms need to be turned in before a student may tryout?
Answer: All students must turn in a registration form prior to participation in any Junior High Athletics tryout or practice.

Question: Do students need to turn in a physical to participate in Junior High Athletics?
Answer: A physical is required for participation in Junior High Athletics.

Question: When is payment for Junior High Athletics due?
Answer: A $50.00 payment for the junior high athletic season is due prior to the first athletic contest of the season.



Question: Are student grades checked to determine student eligibility?
Answer: Yes. Grades are checked at progress report time.  A student who is failing a class is ineligible and will not be able to participate for a minimum of one athletic event.

Question: How does a student regain eligibility?
Answer: The student may regain eligibility by providing the coach and athletic director with proof that he has raised the failing grade to a passing grade with a signed progress report from the teacher.  The student must still sit out a minimum of one athletic competition.

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