Dear Students and Families,

The time to complete course requests for Ione Junior High for the 2021-2022 school year is finally here!  Below, you will find links to complete course requests for next year.  Each form is designed for students who will be in the identified grade next year, for example the 8th grade form is for students who will be in 8th grade in the 21-22 school year.

*There is a separate form for students who have an IEP.  If the student has an IEP, please use the form for students with IEPs only.  Please complete only one course request form per student.

You will also find the Course Descriptions (Ione Junior High GUIA DE SELECCION DE CURSOS) for advanced courses, enrichment courses, and general electives attached to this email.   All students will take Math, ELA, Science, Social Studies, Physical Education and Tutorial/ Study Skills.  All students will take ONE general elective.  Students may select their top two general elective preferences using the form.  While placement in a requested elective cannot be guaranteed due to class size limitations, administration will attempt to fulfill requests whenever possible.  Finally all students will take ONE enrichment course.  AVID is the only enrichment course that students may select.  The application process for AVID occurred in February and March and is currently closed.  Any students not already accepted into AVID will be placed in an appropriate enrichment course based on previous student performance in the subject area, teacher recommendation, previous performance on state-wide testing, and performance on benchmark assessments.

The final question on all course requests asks parents, guardians, and/ or caretakers to write their full name indicating that they approve of the requested courses.

The deadline for completing course request forms and all relevant applications is Friday, May 14th, 2021.  While course requests will be accepted after the deadline, priority for full courses will be given to students who complete the forms by the deadline.

If you have questions about the course request process, please contact Mr. Modesti at or Dr. Cardin at

8th Grade Link:

8th Grade IEP Only Link:

7th Grade Link:

7th Grade IEP Only Link:

6th Grade Link:

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