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The administrative staff, coaches, and teachers here at Ione Junior High understand that interscholastic sports are an important part of a positive learning experience both scholastically and socially. Basketball and volleyball are both offered to our student athletes at the 6th, 7th and 8th grade levels. The Girls Basketball season takes place in the Fall, beginning in August and ending in November. The Boys Basketball season is held in the Winter, beginning in November and ending in February. Lastly, the Girls Volleyball season is held during the Spring, beginning in March and ending in April.

Athletic Director

Kristina Kearney is Ione Jr High’s athletic director.


Grade Sport Coaches
6th Boys Basketball Shane Alderson
6th Girls Basketball Athena Orlando
6th Girls Volleyball  
7th Boys Basketball Dave Crosby
7th Girls Basketball Stacy Martinez
7th Girls Volleyball  
8th Boys Basketball Tina Billingsly
8th Girls Basketball Shane Alderson & David Lentz
8th Girls Volleyball